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Europe in Review/Asia in Review volunteer or intern


Zaměstnavatel: German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG)

Popis zaměstnavatele:

The German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG) is an academic institute and think tank as well as a provider of advisory services and facilitator.Built upon the cooperation between three universities – Thammasat University, Frankfurt University, and Münster University – we are a joint institute attached to the Faculty of Law of Thammasat University in Bangkok.We conduct and publish research, organize academic events, consult and advise public and private stakeholders, and offer various services for students, scholars and alumni.Our focus is on areas such as constitutional law & human rights, security & peace studies, and governance & compliance. We are committed to combine theoretical understanding and practical experience.We pursue an interdisciplinary and comparative approach with a strong regional focus on Southeast Asia.


Typ: Stáž

Kategorie: Právní služby

Počet hodin za týden:

Místo výkonu práce: Z domu

Odměna: bez odmeny

Termín uzávěrky: 7. 10. 2021

Zveřejněno: 14. 9. 2021


Kontaktní osoba: Venus Phuangkom, Event&HR Manager

Kontaktní telefon: +66 2 613 2971

Kontaktní email:

Další kontakt:

⦿ Join Europe in Review & Asia in Review as a remote Volunteer or Intern – MINI-SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE!
Are you interested in the intersecting fields of law and politics? Do you want to help produce a full and balanced picture of the issues, events and forces shaping Europe and Asia?
Join us as we prepare the launch of the new Asia in Review (‘AiR’) and Europe in Review (‘EiR’), two innovative multimedia platforms covering Constitutional Politics, Human Rights, International Relations & Geopolitics, and Security & Defense in Asia, Europe and further afield.
Both platforms offer many remote editorial and non-editorial positions as part of their Volunteering Program.
We also offer short-term remote Internship positions for tertiary students and recent graduates who seek academic connectivity and experienced mentorship.
Highly committed interns and volunteers who show excellence in carrying out their tasks will be eligible to receive a mini-scholarship, following a decision by an awards committee.
⦿ Why get involved?
  •   Excellent learning and career development opportunities to propel you into your future career with confidence
  •   Remote work in a dynamic team
  •   High-quality mentorship
  •   A heads-up on professional opportunities
  •   A chance to broaden your academic connectivity
⦿ Next steps
Apply to EiR or AiR by sending a CV and cover letter to:
Please indicate clearly whether you are interested in Europe in Review or Asia in Review, and whether you are interested in becoming a volunteer or an intern.
For more information, go to:
German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (CPG)
Faculty of Law, Thammasat University
2 Phrachan Road
Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)2 613 2971


⦿ Please note the following: 

  • Hours per week: minimum 5
  • Length of internship: minimum 8 weeks
  • Starting date: (asap)
  • End date: 01.02.2022 (flexible)
  • Number of available internships/volunteer positions: 20