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Accelerate Romania – Marketing Intern


Zaměstnavatel: AIESEC Olomouc

Popis zaměstnavatele:

AIESEC je největší studenty řízená organizace na světě, která přispívá společnosti rozvojem mladých lidí a příležitostmi v mezinárodním prostředí. AIESEC zprostředkovává dobrovolnické a profesní stáže v zahraničí.


Typ: Stáž

Kategorie: Marketing a média

Počet hodin za týden:

Místo výkonu práce: Bucharest, Romania

Odměna: 800 EUR per month

Termín uzávěrky: 5. 11. 2021

Zveřejněno: 24. 10. 2021


Kontaktní osoba: Michaela Sapíková

Kontaktní telefon: 723960869

Kontaktní email:

Další kontakt:

About VidaXL

The seed of vidaXL was planted in 2006, when two Dutch entrepreneurs started selling products on e-Bay. They made the choice to start developing their own branded products and selling these to consumers over the internet. They quickly grew and they started selling products in several European countries, with the ultimate goal of offering products at much lower prices than their competitors.



vidaXL is seeking a detail-oriented team player to help grow sales on the vidaXL web shop. You must be a goal-oriented person who is comfortable working independently with minimal supervision in a fast-paced digital/e-commerce environment. In this position, you will be part of the marketing department and be responsible for all major online marketing disciplines like Classified, Price comparison, SEO, SEA, Display, Affiliate marketing, Social Media, Mobile Advertisement, Market Research and Web analytics. Your main tasks will be to execute country specific online marketing activities. Depending on your experience the monthly salary might increase.

Working hours

Monday to Friday, 09:00am – 5:00pm


What you will do:

  • Carry out online marketing activities for the vidaXL web shops;
  • Continuous observation of the Czech or Slovak market and the competitors with periodic analysis;
  • Establishes partnerships and cooperation’s that are crucial to ensure vidaXL success;
  • Making analyses to improve sales, do researches for your countries and suggest action plan to make this sales activity to a success;
  • Plan and allocate performance-budgets on a day-to-day basis for efficient growth;
  • In the lead of defining, delivering, reporting and optimizing marketing strategies for the following campaigns: SEA, (Google Shopping, Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo), Display advertising, E-mail marketing, Price comparison sites, Classified sites, Mobile advertising, SEO, Affiliate marketing to maximize reach;
  • Localization of our Content and Marketing activities to the Czech or Slovak market and stay up to date with e-commerce and online marketing developments. Be aware of the web shop trends and competitor research.